Hails from Saint Joseph, Michigan; transplanted to Kissimmee, FL in 1967. May 1, 2017 will mark his ninth year in the band.

Originally, he was known as "Mighty Young Joe". But alas, everything must change. With the addition of the group's new bassist, Scott Lucas...(who is mere moments younger than Joe) Mighty Joe no longer wears the "baby of the group" moniker although, he still claims titles of "prettiest", best eater, tip-toe champion, and most Key Lime pie swallowed from a single mouthful."
At six and a quarter feet high, and in excess of two hundred fifty pounds, Joe brings the kind of brute force to the band that might be expected of someone nicknamed after an over-sized primate. He is, however, much more than a big gorilla committing percussive assault & battery; bludgeoning the drums with blunt instruments. Joe has a tasteful style and finesse that are the product of years of higher education (post sixth grade), multi-faceted private study with gifted mentors, five decades of experience, and an innate love for performing music..

Joe is notorious for his "King Kong" drumsticks which he loves to conceal until after being invited to play someone else's drums. The look on a host drummer's face is priceless as he fears for his drums at the hands of this man & a half wielding a pair of tree limbs. Relax drummers; the yard long, one and a half inch in diameter truncheons are only used on Joe's own personal drums. Some baseball aficionados believe the baseball bat sized, giant sticks are homage paid to the legendary Milwaukee Braves slugger, a cousin with whom, Joe shared his name and "boyish good looks".

Mighty Joe is Drums Manager for a large production company and provides drums & percussion with custom solutions for the creme de la creme of Internationally famous performers.

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