From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: "Elron" Scott Lucas is the newest addition to the "Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs" brotherhood.
Born in Pittsburgh, raised outside New York City before settling to Florida in 1969, he's an avid collector of plasma, LED, and neon lights. (Maybe that's because Scott is attracted to the stage lights like a moth!)

Starting out as a low brass player, (baritone / trombone), Scott started playing bass at age 13 (when no one wanted the bass chair in a jazz band). He grew up in a family of entertainers. His mom was a dancer on the Soupy Sales Show.
His brother and son also well established local musicians. Music is in his blood.

Scott is a master of the 6-string and fretless basses; along with being an accomplished vocalist. His talents add even more dimension
to a band already well known for a pumped-up style, vocal variety, and precise harmonies. With his own high-energy, locked-in groove, he
brings new energy, while widening the musical landscape of Central Florida's premier classic rock dance band.

Much to Mighty Joe's chagrin, Scott is now the youngest member of the band!

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