From: Buffalo, New York
At 6'2" (formerly over 300 lbs), the "Big Bison" has been performing with Cactus Jack (generally as his "straight man") since 1968. He has a bluesy guitar style and wide vocal range.

Carrying around a 300 lb body since the late 1980s, in recent years, he became weary of no longer being able to jump off stages without getting injured or win twist contests. So recently, he trimmed down his 300+ lb. body; formally handing over the title of "biggest guy in the band" to "Mighty Joe Adcock". He has resumed jumping off stages, sliding on his knees while dancing the twist, all while still Rockin his own pumped-up arrangements of Elvis tunes. He's now able to resume leading throngs of persons in the Hand Jive, heading up conga lines into swimming pools, shaking tail feathers, and more off-stage excitement...

FACTOID: He also programs computers

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