First 20

The First 20 Years of Crazy

This page is dedicated to the band's original drummer, Don Johnson who performed with the band from 1985 to 2008

The First 20 Years of Crazy (by Don Johnson)

Don Johnson (October 18, 1956 - January 16, 2016)

The video, “First 20 Years of Crazy”, captures the insanity of “Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs”  during the first 20 years.

The insanity began at “Ricky Lee’s” Rock-N-Roll emporium, with Light Up Orlando (Band played 7 of the nine events), Then Church Street Station (Orchid Garden and insane street parties), Lakeland Margarita Ball (25 years), Space Coast Street Rods (27 years), along with conventions, corporate celebrations, and group parties from Key Largo FL, to Asheville, NC.

Street Party Videos: Light Up Orlando and Church Street Station

Toga Party
Light-up Orlando 1986

“Rock Around The Clock”
“Tossin and Turnin”
Memorial Day 1986

New Years Eve 1991
“Wooly Bully”
Ball Drop, Pyrotechnics, crowd insanity

*** Note:  The crowds shown in these videos are typical of Church Street Station.