Still Changing

And the world keeps changing, changing changing...

1996 Church Street Entertainment area in Orlando is waning.  1 1/2 hours north, a retirement community called “The Villages” was growing by leaps-and-bounds.  We  continue to perform all over the southeastern US for private and corporate events.  But, Church Street Station, our “home base” for more than a decade is fading away.  We performed for one of the grand openings at the Villages in 1996, but not much since.  I continue to sit in with Randy Lobeck and JJ at Casselberry’s when I had some extra free time.

 Summer 1999…OUCH!!  Jim, “Cactus Jack” has a massive heart-attack; requiring quadruple bypass surgery.  Obviously, he’s going to be out-of-action for at least the rest of the summer.  With gigs already booked, me and Mike were trying really hard to figure out how to play 4 piece.  But, there would be a big hole.  Randy Lobeck suggested that he put together a horn section, we dress a number of our existing arrangements, then add some “Grass Roots” and other material to compensate.  What resulted was “The Cadillac Horns”:  Randy Lobeck (Saxophone), Dave Webber (Trumpet), and Terry Baber (Trombone).  We finished out the summer with the “Cadillac Horns” substituting for Jim.  When Jim returned later in the year, we would, for special occasions, add the horn section to the original 5 piece band for an amazing 8 piece production.  In 2001, we took the 8 piece band to the “Battle of the Bands” at Universal Citywalk.  This was no contest.  Shortly after, we had our sights on playing the new venue in The Villages, Katie Belle’s.  Randy Lobeck was performing with us on a regular basis.  Later that year, Randy became a full-time member of the now 6 piece “Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs”

The Cadillac Horns
8 Piece band at Universal Catwalk
New 6 Piece Band with Randy Lobeck

“In the Midnight Hour”
Live from the Melbourne Auditorium for the Space Coast Street Rods 5/13/2000